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Do you think my 1992 Saab 900i will appreciate in value?

The article on Saab speculates that models such as the Classic Convertible may appreciate in value after the demise of the company. I have a 1992 convertible 900i and it has given many years of totally reliable and enjoyable driving. It has always puzzled me why this model has never really been rated by classic car aficionados. They were built in Finland in relatively low numbers, in a factory with high quality control standards, are distinctive looking, perform well and (with the full leather and walnut specification) have a delightful cabin. I have been lucky enough to have owned other classics such as a Bristol 406 and an Alvis TD21 drophead, and in my view, the 900i Cabrio is every bit as good as them, and in some respects (eg coachwork) better. Do you think I should hang on to it in the hopes that it might become collectible, or would the worry about future availability of spares be a disincentive? It would be sad if these wonderful cars just became another forgotten marque.

Asked on 14 April 2012 by HS, Herefordshire

Answered by Honest John
I like them and agree that they will attain some classic statues. I even recommended one on a TV show I was involved in called Dealers Choice in 1999. Parts are probably already being made by independents. It would be essential for you to join the Saab Club.
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