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My insurance premium went up by seven pence this year.

In the light of many comments in your column regarding ever-increasing car insurance premiums, and also in the press, I though you might be interested in my insurance renewal notice. I am insured with Saga. My car is a Toyota Carina 1994, in good condition, and I am 68 years old. My premium last year for third party, fire and theft was £130.38, and this year it has gone up by the huge sum of seven pence to £130.45. When I enquired about the cost of fully comprehensive, I was informed that it would be £137.41, so, of course, I went for that. Remarkable, and saves all the hassle of shopping around. Not worth the time and effort.

Asked on 9 August 2012 by LR, Brede

Answered by Honest John
That's excellent. The cheapest insurance I have heard of for a non-classic for a long time. Though another reader pointed out that once a car is more than 16 year old, some insurers will cover it on a cut-price ‘classic’ policy. List of them here:
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