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Should I buy a Rover 75 or a Mercedes-Benz W123 estate?

I need an estate car. I play around with old cars such as Rover P4s, Triumph Spitfires and the Land Rover series. I considered that a Rover 75 (except the 1.8) would be a good fit, however the ones I have seen are expensive and with high miles. I thought about a Mercedes-Benz W123 estate (I am told to avoid the 280 and any with a sunroof, with leaks causing rust) but I know nothing about the W123s except that they appear to be a good thing. I toyed with buying a Peugeot 406 3-litre executive with 45,000 miles and in mint condition, however it's not a classic and will be heavy on fuel. Please give me your opinion.

Asked on 12 May 2011 by IF, St. Annes

Answered by Honest John
W123s are not only a lot older than Rover 75s (all at least 25 years old), any good ones are also a lot more expensive. I think you'll be better off with a pre-facelift 75 2.0CDTI Tourer.
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