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How much is my 2005 Mazda MX-5 worth?

I own a silver 2005 Mazda MX-5 with just 2000 miles. It's garaged properly with a carpeted floor and dehumidifier, and now only comes out once a year for MOT and a few miles run around. The car is covered with dust sheets and the soft top roof is always closed. The cam belt has not been changed. I wonder what the recommendations would be due to the cam belt not being changed since when I purchased this new in 2005. Nothing has been ever done to the engine apart from a service occasionally. There is no rust and no leaks under the car, and the car starts up and runs fine when taken out. I presume the value is rising now. Do you know what value will the car be worth at present? The battery is still original and is permanently connected to a Halfords charger/maintenance unit. I value what you can give me as advice. Thank you.

Asked on 13 July 2021 by david bridge

Answered by Andrew Brady
Sounds fantastic and, if you were looking to sell, I have no doubt it'd make a significant sum. If you were to go down that route, we'd recommend selling it as it is via a specialist auction company like The Market, Collecting Cars or Anglia Car Auctions. You could also contact a specialist dealer directly – although a more desirable Mk1 (and a limited edition), KGF Classic Cars recently sold this example for more than £20,000:

Your car will still be increasing in value, though, so you might wish to keep hold of it for now. You're doing all the correct things to keep it in good condition – an annual service would be wise, while we'd recommend the cambelt should be changed to prevent damage to the engine (it's made from rubber which deteriorates with age, even with limited use).

Of course, the other option is to give it a good service and start using it. It won't help its value, but it'll continue to be a low mileage MX-5 in excellent condition, and you could get a lot of enjoyment out of taking it to classic car gatherings or simply enjoying roof-down motoring.
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