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I bought a replica Jaguar C Type but am concerned it was not IVA tested - where do I stand?

I recently purchased a used Jaguar C Type Replica from an established specialist manufacturer of this type of vehicle. The car was factory built by this company and when purchased the car was about 12 months old. Since purchasing the car, I have read advice about Individual Vehicle Approval testing for cars of this type and I'm now concerned my car, which was not IVA tested, may be devalued or difficult to sell again in the future. Where do I stand in law and do I have a claim against the specialist manufacturer who sold me the car?

Asked on 13 January 2020 by James

Answered by Keith Moody
We spoke to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle clubs for some advice on this. Ian Edmunds, FBHVC DVLA liaison manager, said, 'The replica car in question appears to have been built within the last two years or so and as such falls outside of our remit which is, of course, for historic vehicles. That is to say vehicles 30 or more years old. Nevertheless, I offer the following comments. Firstly I must make it clear that the Federation cannot offer legal advice. While we know that there are a number of replicas and kit cars built up to a few years ago that incorrectly retained the identity of the donor car and thus avoided the need for an IVA I would be surprised if that is the case for a car apparently built in the last couple of years, as DVLA are now much more aware and much more strict. I think the first move for your reader is to contact the manufacturer and inquire as to the Type Approval status of the car. We also know that when vehicles of this type come to the attention of DVLA, typically when a new V5C is required due to change of keepership or for some other reason, DVLA will review the original registration process. If they consider the vehicle was incorrectly registered with regard to the procedures in place at the time they will withdraw the registration. We are not able to comment further without more details of the car in question.'
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