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Is a Volvo V70R a good buy?

Volvo V70R models have suddenly come down in price with only Japanese imports available previously. I know they are a wolf in sheep's clothing but at £5000 with 300bhp they seem a steal. Anything I should know?

Asked on 30 October 2019 by Robert Moore

Answered by Keith Moody
Great cars. Aside from all the usual checks, you'll want to check the front tyres and suspension components as these can get a hard life (especially the anti-rollbar links). I think the main concern with the engine is the PCV system - remove the dipstick when the engine is running and look for puffs of smoke. Genuine parts are available but it can be quite labour intensive to sort and failure to do so will lead to failure of the main oil seal at the back of the engine, which is an engine out job to sort.
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