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I have an Audi 100CD that's been sat on my driveway for over 20 years - how do I go about getting it valued?

How do I set a price or value on an Audi 100CD that I am unsure of the mechanics of? We haven't driven it for 20+ years. It hasn't been garaged, just parked up on a driveway. We could scrap it but if someone thinks there is a value in it then it would be a shame to do that. I think there also might have a value in the registration number as it's a private plate.

Asked on 19 August 2019 by Janek

Answered by Keith Moody
We've got a few tips here:

Bottom line: do your research, try to target your advert to would-be buyers and create a decent advert with lots of information and photos. Audi 100 values are still languishing a bit but they are starting to pick up. However, one that hasn't run with little history won't be able to command a huge amount. But it definitely sounds far too good to scrap. There are plenty of online company's that will give you a quote for a registration number - but, again, your success will depend on finding the right buyer.
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