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Are there any parts providers for 1990s Ford models?

I own a 1998 Ford Escort Saloon 1.8 Ghia. Finding parts is proving impossible, or even small firms who are willing to manufacture them. Many of the parts required, scrap yards don't keep. I need some guidance in location specialists small manufacturing companies willing to help. I am trying to bring my car to showroom condition.

Asked on 25 July 2019 by Bill

Answered by Keith Moody
I'm afraid it's a constant issue with cars of this vintage as they sit in no man's land - they're not classic enough to have good spares support, but they're far too old for Ford dealers to be interested in keeping spare stock on the shelf. Our advice is to contact one of the many Ford clubs - that way you'll be able to meet likeminded people and hopefully gain access to more spares. You might get lucky and find the bits your after, and if you choose to go down the modifying route you'll probably be able to find most things you need. Failing that, it's time to keep an eye out for a good spares car and gather up as many spares as you can.
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