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How do I prove an unregistered ex-military lorry for export is not stolen?

How do I prove an unregistered ex-military lorry for export is not stolen?

Asked on 1 July 2019 by cliford malago

Answered by Keith Moody
If the military vehicle is unregistered there is no sure-fire way of checking if it’s stolen or not. Nigel Hay of told us, 'If it is a modern military vehicle that was sold through the MoD, there should be some paperwork with it, such as the MoD release note. Unfortunately, older military vehicles, which may have come to the UK from a wide variety of countries or sources, rely on the due diligence of each buyer. Records of disposal of such vehicles are not available. If the data plates are missing and there are no visible chassis numbers, a bit more investigation may be needed.'
If the vehicle you want to sell is for export, you will need an export licence - regardless of what anybody tells you. Nigel confirms, 'All ex-military vehicles less than 50 years old require an export licence - this includes for Europe. There is no way around this. Failure to comply with the law on this can have very serious consequences. In the USA, some vehicles need an Import permit too (known as a BATF Form 6) - especially for Soviet-built vehicles - and bizarrely some of those manufactured in the USA.'
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