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I have found an Austin Rover Longbridge coin - do you know anything about it?

I own a coin and would like to know more about it and what it was for? It's got on it Austin Rover Longbridge and on the other side is forge and foundry 1905-1987.

Asked on 4 June 2019 by Robert ingles

Answered by Keith Moody
Coins have a big part in Austin history. When the company was in financial trouble, legend has it that Herbert Austin took a coin from his pocket and tossed it in the air - heads to stay open, tails to close. It landed heads up, so Austin asked his workers to work a month for free, in return for a job for life (as long as the factory was open). The company produced a commemorative coin to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. The year 1987 was the year the Austin name was discontinued so perhaps this one marks that event.
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