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How much is a classic Fiat 500L worth?

Have found an old 1970s Fiat 500L in the garage of a person I'm executor for. It's been stored for about 15 years after a poor respray and some engine pieces taken off so it can't run it. How could I check its value as a car for restoration (little rust as garage is semi indoors)?

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Obviously, it's going to depend on the exact condition of the car, but we can give you a rough guide. We'd expect to see an excellent dealer example for sale at about £12,000 while a good one for sale privately should be about the £8k mark. A runner in need of some TLC is probably about £3500, while a project could be between £1500 and £2000. If you're not sure, have a look for a similar model in a similar condition and price yours accordingly.
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