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What should I look for when buying a Morris Minor?

I`m thinking of buying a Morris Minor (later model 1962 onward ) fitted with the uprated 1098cc engine. Apart from corrosion, what significant mechanical problems best these vehicles?

Asked on 17 May 2019 by Michael Martin

Answered by Keith Moody
Like so many classic cars of this era, they're mechanically very simple and reliable as long as they're well looked after. Of course, the tradeoff is that they'll struggle to do more than 50-55mph and lack the creature comforts and performance of many modern vehicles (a positive in our eyes). Assuming the engine is running smoothly, it's not using oil or leaking, check the cooling system and the brakes as well as the electrics. Rear spring hangers are probably the car's Achilles heel - if they need replacing it's a long and involved job.
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