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How can I find out the timing for my TVR?

I have a 1960 TVR fitted with an MGA. I have fully rebuilt the engine re bored and replaced everything needed. It is fitted with a new 25D distributor fitted with electronic points. She starts and runs on the button but has trouble in revving up if you turn the distributor to advance it will rev up and run more alive. The problem is that in this position the engine will not start, the starter stalls out, which would indicate too far advanced. Have I got something wrong with the timing? The carbs have been rebuilt and set up spot on and have been equalised.

Asked on 25 February 2019 by David Lester

Answered by Keith Moody
It sounds like the valve timing might be out. Give Graham Williams a shout at Classic Car Engines - he's rebuilt most things over the years!
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