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Why won't the brakes on my Morris Minor work?

I have a 1970 Morris Minor truck. I have fitted a new master cylinder and renewed all of the brake lines. When I pump brakes I have nothing, I have rebuilt my old master cylinder but it is the same. When I have the cylinders on the bench and I pump them no fluid comes out. Can you help please? I am at a total loss.

Asked on 19 February 2019 by victor Jones

Answered by Keith Moody
David Taylor, at Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre, said, 'This sounds very much as if there is still a fault with the master cylinder which is not delivering fluid to the wheel cylinders when operated. We have also in the past had to use an air feed pressure bleeder to bleed the system after work has been carried out. I would try this and if this does not resolve the problem then look at the master cylinder again.'

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