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Is a Chevrolet Camara V8 a good investment?

I've seen a 1978 Camaro V8 (not Z28) for sale very locally for £7300 or offers. It is in good condition, has done 84k miles with good history and some light engine mods. It only seems to need a windscreen and possibly some light bodywork doing to it. It is due to be tax and MoT exempt from April. Is it likely to be a good investment in the short term? I also have a Nissan Figaro which I am restoring as a long term project - would I be better off putting more money into that project, rather than buying the Camaro?

Asked on 14 January 2019 by Great White

Answered by Keith Moody
Can you do the bodywork yourself? If so, then it might make a good project. If you have to pay someone to do it, then it's likely to get very expensive very quickly. And parts will be a touch more expensive... especially if you have to get them imported. It's your time and your money so ultimately only you can decide. You don't mention what stage you're at with the Figaro, but I'd definitely be tempted to concentrate on finishing that first. Otherwise you could find yourself with two projects that both need more time and money you have available.
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