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What can I do to increase the life of my Toyota MR2?

I have a 2003 Toyota MR2 manual. I've owned this from new and it's been serviced as per manufacturer recommended and always garaged. I hope to keep it long term. What would you do to increase the longevity/reliability if cost was no object?

Asked on 3 January 2019 by Howard Hughes

Answered by Andrew Brady
The MR2's pretty tough. I've got a 2005 one and I don't do anything other than keep it in the garage and service it once a year. One of the most common issues with the MR2 is the pre-cats which can disintegrate and be sucked into the engine. These don't affect later (2003-on) cars as much, but it might be worth checking the pre-cats on yours. Another issue is the rear crossmember which is prone to rust. It's hidden by a plastic undertray so won't by picked up by the MoT. Consider removing the undertray to inspect it and, if it's in good condition, apply rust protection.
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