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Volvo 480ES and Turbo (1986 - 1995)

Last updated 11 December 2018


Buying Guide


  • Coupe version of 440/460 on same floorpan from same factory in Born reached the market first.
  • 14' (4,627mm) long x 5' 7" (1,702mm) wide.
  • Owners seem to like them with a passion.
  • The last of the line were the best with very comprehensive spec, including air conditioning.
  • Galvanised, so rust not a big problem. 1.7 had 109bhp of 122bhp with turbo. 2.0 had 110bhp.


  • Poor Dutch build quality led one magazine to dub it 'the coupe from hell'.
  • But the car was progressively improved and almost all problems will have been solved 'in service'.
  • Seals above rear side windows start to leak.
  • Windscreens can go around the top edges.
  • Rear arches and door bottoms rust.
  • Electrics can be very hit and miss - check everything works.


  • Cheap by 2007 and not many survivors.
  • Oil-consuming 2.0 litre versions may have required 'mod 2371', carried out in-service by Volvo dealers.
  • Look for at least four years' official Volvo dealer servicing to make sure 'in-service' improvements were carried out.
  • Check aircon blows cold (if fitted). Make sure no water under the carpets.
  • Recalls
  • 1994: 480 2.0 litre (VIN 586300-590058): airbag may deploy accidentally. 1996: 480 (1991-1995): fire risk from faulty electrical connections.
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