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Volvo 340 and 360 (1976 - 1991)

Last updated 11 December 2018


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  • Strangely popular among Brits.
  • Early cars were all 1.4 litre Renault pushrod powered CVT autos.
  • Later cars mostly manual with option of 1.7 litre Renault overhead cam engine from the 11 and 19 or Volvos's own 2.0 litre in two stages of tune.
  • Many mechanical parts cheaper from Renault dealers than from Volvo dealers.
  • Easy to change clutches of manuals because box is a transaxle and the engine and clutch are at the front.
  • 1.4 has a decent twin-choke Weber carb and, because it's an ancient pushrod unit, a timing chain rather than a belt.
  • Like the 240/260, they seem to live on well past their sell by date and offer cheap transport when bought for buttons at a part exchange auction.


  • Getting very old hat now and being replaced by most owners with Rover 400s or Swindon built Honda Civics.
  • Can rust badly.
  • 1.7s susceptible to distributor problems due to ingress of damp. Cured by special Renault/Volvo plastic bag.


  • These days '80s cars are to be bought only as £10 to £100 bargain bangers to use up the 'ticket and rent' (MOT and VED), but you might find a cherished 1990 or 1991 model which could be worth preserving.
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