Vauxhall Firenza HP Droopsnoot (1973 – 1975) Review

Vauxhall Firenza HP Droopsnoot (1973 – 1975) At A Glance


+Quick, quirky, and great fun to drive

-Hard to find, and difficult to repair

The Firenza HP – nicknamed the Droopsnoot – was the ultimate variation of the Viva HC theme. It combined an HC coupé body with a glassfibre nosecone designed by Wayne Cherry and a tweaked 2279cc slant-four that kicked out 131bhp and featured fuel injection. In all, it was quite an advanced package, especially so with a dogleg five-speed Getrag gearbox to add an air of sophistication.

The streamlined front was aerodynamically effective, giving the Firenza HP a maximum speed of more than 120mph. But due to its high cost, the HP wasn't a success - a mere 204 had been built by the time it was dropped in 1975 - which didn't compare well with Vauxhall's target of 1000 per year.

Vauxhall used the left-over nose cones on 197 HC estates, to create the even more appealing Sportshatch.