TVR Vixen S1-S4 (1967 – 1973) Review

TVR Vixen S1-S4 (1967 – 1973) At A Glance


+Longer wheelbase meant more interior room, wider range of engines, quick and economical with Cortina GT engine

-Still rather uncomfortable

The Vixen spanned four model evolutions, and saw many changes througout its seven-year production run. Originally, the Vixen was a Grantura with a Cortina GT engine in place of the old MGB unit, which in itself improved performance and economy. The big change came with the Mk2 model, which came with a longer wheelbase, and a more accommodating interior. It was also rather easier to get in and out of thanks to longer passenger doors.

For the Mk3 Vixen a Capri-specification engine replaced the old Cortina unit, but it also had alloy wheels fitted, and grilles to cover the engine bay cooling vents. The overall impression was of a car that looked significantly more developed than the earlier ones. The final Mk4 generation combined Vixen bodies and the new M-series

As in TVR tradition, all Vixens were good to drive, but rather firm suspension and sensitive handling marred process on typical British B-roads.