TVR S1-S3 (1986 – 1994) Review

TVR S1-S3 (1986 – 1994) At A Glance


+Back to basics TVR good fun with the hood down, cheap and agreeably fast, with good parts supply with excellent club back-up

-The usual TVR reliability and quality foibles

The Convertible S range was introduced in 1986 as an entry-level traditional sports car, loosely based on the old 3000S, and deliberately retro to cash in on the burgeoning classic car scene at the time. It was specifically aimed at those who thought TVRs had grown too fast and too expensive.

The S-Series continually evolved, as popularity of the model took off. Early versions used the same Ford 2.8-litre Cologne V6 as the original Tasmin, but this was replaced from 1988 in the S2 by Ford’s new 2.9-litre Granada V6. For 1990, the S3 received a better interior and four-inch longer doors for easier access. There were also around 40 S4Cs at the end, which was basically a V8S with the V6 engine fitted.

Paved the way for the more traditonally-styled Griffith and Chimera.