TVR Grantura (1958 – 1967) Review

TVR Grantura (1958 – 1967) At A Glance


+TVR history starts here, MGB-engined cars are a hoot to drive - if you can fit

-The earliest Ford Popular engined cars are best avoided (if you could find one, that is), build quality is down to the owner

TVR Engineering had been around since 1947, but the company that Trevor Wilkinson set up in Blackpool didn’t actually start building production cars until 1958. The Grantura was the first of the line, and like most specials of the time, it used a variety of sources for its components. Volkswagen Beetle trailing arm rear suspension, hard springing and a Coventry-Climax overhead-camshaft four-cylinder were combined – and the first Granturas were best remembered for their serious oversteer moments.

Enthusiast buyers could specify the engine, tune, and typically with 83bhp and with only 660kg, performance was sensational. Other popular engines were the 1.5-litre MGA unit, the side-valve Ford 100E engine or the new 105E 'Kent' engine. In mid-1960, the Mk II was unveiled, and it was unchanged except for the single engine option, the 1.5-litre MGA unit, and a few detail design changes. However, the factory couldn't cope with demand, and the car was barely profitable at the price it sold for. The Mk III arrived in 1962 with a new tubular chassis with independent suspension all round. From 1964 the MGB 1800cc engine was used and it along with an improved interior and new taillights, became the Mk IV.