Triumph Triumph 1800/2000 Roadster (1946 – 1949) Review

Triumph Triumph 1800/2000 Roadster (1946 – 1949) At A Glance


+Impressive chrome headlight and chrome radiator grille front.

-Curiously wide at the rear to accommodate a bench seat in the cab and a dickey seat in the rump.

This is the 'Bergerac' car, a curiosity buit from 1946-1948 with a 1,766cc 4-cylinder Standard engine shared with the SS-Jaguar, then from 1948-1949 with the 2,088cc 4-cylinder Triumph engine that powered everything from Ferguson tractors to Triumph TR models. 1800s had a 4-speed floor shift and 2000s had a 3-speed column shift. The dickey seat in the rump had its own divided fold up windscreen. There has been nothign else like it before or since, but its role in Bergerac made it collectible and they don't actually drive too badly.

4,277mm long x 1,626mm wide.

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Trouble identifying a classic - can you help?

"In the 1950s my father drove an English sports car, convertible with a small "jump seat" in back in which my sister and I could sit. I seem to recall it had semaphores. I always thought it was an Austin Healey, but can find no match. We lived in California and it had left hand steering. Any ideas?"
It was probably a Triumph 1800 or 2000 Roadster, that preceded the Triumph TR2. We didn't have an entry for this in Classics, so I made one:
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