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Triumph Mayflower (1949 - 1953)

Last updated 4 March 2013

Styling that won't be confused for anything else, and packed full of character
Less than sparkling to drive
were produced
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The Triumph Mayflower is one of those odd British classic car, and one that's never really built a large following despite its idiosyncratic styling. Perhaps its shrunken Rolls-Royce styling, which doesn’t quite fit the car's short wheelbase, its proud grille and razor edged styling are just a little too bizarre for widespread approval.

But there's no denying that the car has its merits. It is roomy and comfortable, and was well-made from high-quality materials - a true miniature luxury car. Performance wasn't a strong point, though, with less than sparkling acceleration and a maximum speed of just over 60mph. It was powered by a unique-to-this-model aluminium-headed 1247cc engine, is an unknown quantity outside of the club scene.

It is very economical though, and that enthusiastic club back-up will keep it on the road for years to come. Just as when it was new, this makes an intriguing alternative to a Minor or Austin Devon.

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