Toyota Supra (1993 – 2002) Review

Toyota Supra (1993 – 2002) At A Glance


+Very fast, refined, comfortable and full of luxury kit, decent ride and excellent grip

-Many have been modified and wear dubious-looking aftermarket body kits, lots of imports around so check the spec carefully

The fourth-generation Toyota Supra A80 was a move into the big league for its maker. Available in the UK in 326bhp twin-turbo form, the two-door coupe was capable of 170mph and 0-60mph in five seconds, and was more than capable of slaying far more well-fancied supercar blue-bloods on road and track. A bit of a bargain when new, the Supra suffered from heavy depreciation thanks to a short life (1993-1996) in the UK, and many ended up being modified and tuned-up.

The Supra was ripe for such treatment, though, with the capability of 1000bhp if you spend enough time and money on it. Handling and roadholding are still impressive today, without the numbness of Japanese rivals, such as the Mitsubishi GTO. If left unmodified, reliable and well-made, in typical Toyota style, although some parts can be expensive and hard to get hold of. Typical provisos regarding imports and UK-spec cars need heeding when looking to buy one.