Suzuki Cappuccino (1993 – 1995) Review

Suzuki Cappuccino (1993 – 1995) At A Glance


+Cute-looking roadster with an eager, high-revving turbocharged engine.

-Not all engines last the distance and rear brake calipers are susceptible to leaking.

The Suzuki Cappuccino is a rev-happy small roadster originally built to comply with Japan's strict Kei-car regulations. As such it's very small, just 3295mm long, 1395 wide and weighs just 725kg.

Its modern take on the classic roadster means it's one of the few Suzukis sold in the UK to pick up cult status and go on to become a classic. Limited numbers helped – a total of just 1110 official cars made it over here; 888 in red and 222 in silver, though there are a number of grey imports.

New emissions regulations across the EU meant that the UK never saw the re-enginneered Cappuccino that was introduced in Japan in 1995. This model had a new chain-driven lighter engine and increased torque, but the cost of making the changes required for the European market were prohibitive. It meant that Cappuccinos were on sale in the UK for just two years.

Fans have been calling for a replacement ever since, and despite Suzuzi teasing with motor show concepts, it remains the firm's only sports car.