Simca Oceane (1957 – 1962) Review

Simca Oceane (1957 – 1962) At A Glance


+Stylish, inoffensive and unlikely to cost much to run

-Zero profile and image in the UK, corrosion and the usual parts difficulties

The Simca Aronde Oceane proved  that it was possible to launch a two-seater open-topped car that wasn’t remotely sporting to drive. It wasn’t really meant to be, either, despite being available as a convertible or coupé. The Oceane was powered by a big-valve version of Simca's well-established 1290cc four-cylinder engine, that produced 57bhp. From 1961, a revised five-bearing engine appeared, which upped the ante to 62bhp, but the car was still no ball of fire. The following year, further tuning produced another 8bhp).

When the Oceane was first displayed, it had something of the Ford Thunderbird about it – but at the time, Simca had often looked to the United States for inspiration. In 1959, that changed, when the Oceane picked up an Aston Martin-style grille – a look that stayed with the car until it went out of production three years later. Although it appears the Oceane lasted five years, it was actually double that as it was effectively an update of the Simca 9, first seen in 1951.