Simca 1300/1301 and 1500/1501 (1964 – 1976) Review

Simca 1300/1301 and 1500/1501 (1964 – 1976) At A Glance


+Solid French saloon with plenty of room and an excellent suspension set-up

-Corrosion can be extensive, survivors are down to single-figures in the UK - so if you really want one be prepared to buy left-hand drive

The Simca 1300 and 1500 were introduced to replace the Aronde after a long and successful production run. Much was expected of these mid-market cars, and they were impressive, boasting a very capable suspension set-up, and body dimensions that closely echoed the Ford Cortina Mk3's six years before that car was launched - successfully predicting the stanard template for 1970s saloons. Estates were interesting too, for having a split tailgate and the option of additional child seats in the load area.

Simca and Fiat were still close at the time of the new model's introduction was obvious when their cars were compared side-by-side – but the 1300/1500 was no worse for its Italian cross-pollination. Conventionally  handsome, and pleasant to drive if you like a column shifter (for left-hand drive) or a mirrored shift pattern (for floor-mounted right-hand drive) and a soft, loping ride. The 1966 facelift added a more corporate front end, larger boot, and integrated driving lights. It was at this point that they became known as the 1301 and 1501.