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SEAT Marbella (1986 - 1998)

Last updated 6 November 2013


Buying Guide


  • Cheap skate for cheapskates, especially in Spain where they sold for not much more than £3,000 new.
  • Ancient 903cc iron block FIAT pushrod engines.
  • Lasted to 1997 in Spain were it still sold for about £3,000.
  • Terra Vista combi van the best version.
  • (Haynes FIAT Panda manual covers most of car.)


  • Hideous Panda re-style.
  • Based on old Seat Panda, not post-1988 FIAT Panda, so has old 903cc pushrod engine and old unimproved suspension.
  • Rust-prone. Poor quality trim.
  • Like Panda, clutch cables snap.


  • Rust, front struts, wheel bearings, smoky and rattling engines. (The rattle is usually the timing chain tensioner.)
  • Front suspension problems (check for uneven tyre wear).
  • Don't touch one with a catalytic converter.
  • Could you really live with a car this ugly?
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