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Renault Clio Williams (1993 - 1995)

Last updated 4 September 2017

Proof that great hot hatches weren't just the preserve of the 1980s
Flimsy build, watch out for fakes


The Renault Clio Williams set the template for all of the hot Renaults that followed it. It was powered by a 2.0-litre 16-valve engine for an excellent power to weight ratio, ditching the vogueish need for a turbocharger. The Williams was uprated over standard Clio 16V by 200cc and 15bhp.

Even though it was called the Clio Williams, the F1 team played a minimal role in the development of this car. The transformation was carried out by Renaultsport, the firm’s motor sport arm. Originally, a limited run of 500 Clio Williams was planned, but, due to overwhelming demand, the company saw an opportunity and continued building them – much to the annoyance of those believing they’d bought a limited edition car. The subsequent Williams 2 was built on the same platform but the Williams 3 was heavier thanks to additional safety equipment such as ABS and therefore lacked the same amount of appeal as the original.

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