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Renault 25 (1983 - 1992)

Last updated 30 April 2013


Buying Guide


  • Much loved by owners and many have clocked up 300,000-plus miles.
  • Can be extremely cheap.
  • 1995cc four-cylinder engines with 103bhp, 120bhp and 140bhp; 2165cc four-cylinder engines with 123bhp and 126bhp; 2664cc V6 with 144 bhp; 2849cc V6 with 153bhp and 160bhp; 2458cc V6 turbo with 182bhp.
  • Five-speed manual boxes; three- and four-speed autoboxes.


  • V6 not a specially good engine and guzzles petrol.
  • Turbos too old to remain reliable.
  • Automatics can be troublesome.
  • Nor many survivors by 2011.


  • Automatic gearbox can give trouble. Check auto especially carefully (some 25s go through three of four in a lifetime).
  • Fishy smell inside and condensation on screen usually indicates failure of heater matrix, many of which were poorly made. Huge labour cost in removing dashboard to replace heater matrix.
  • Minor failures such as warning or dash light bulbs.
  • May have covered more miles than indicated on odometer.
  • Make sure ABS is okay (pump not as dear as some at £660, but ECU is another £460 plus VAT).
  • Check all electrics (even the dashboard bulbs give up).
  • PAS pump or rack may leak (common old Renault problem).
  • Try to feel discs for scoring, lipping or wear.
  • You could easily buy a 25 for £500 than have to spend £2000 on it immediately.
  • Buy only from a careful, appreciative, enthusiastic owner who's had it for years. Definitely not a backstreet buy.
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