Porsche 912 (1965 – 1969) Review

Porsche 912 (1965 – 1969) At A Glance


+It looks like a 911

-It goes like a tuned Beetle

Porsche introduced the four-cylinder 912 to take over from where the outgoing 356 left off. It effectively fitted a 90bhp version of the 356’s four-cylinder engine, with a five-speed gearbox, into the shorter-wheelbase 911 bodyshell.

Straight line performance was not this car's speciality, but with low weight and improved weight distribution (therefore handling) over the 911, this is a fine sports car in its own right.

Ask Honest John

Do you know what my 1976 Porsche 912 is worth?

"I have a 1976 Porsche 912 in good nick. There are only a few left now. Do you know what I could sell it for?"
While we can never give a value for an individual car, we can offer you a bit of guidance on prices. As you say, these are few and far between - but we'd expect to see it a top condition car on a dealer's forecourt for around £45,000, and in the classifieds for about £35,000. The best thing to do is have a look around and try and find a similar example for sale and price yours accordingly.
Answered by Keith Moody
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