Peugeot 104 (1972 – 1988) Review

Peugeot 104 (1972 – 1988) At A Glance


+Elegant looking, small and capable saloon, initially offered as a saloon only, sporting S and ZS models great fun to drive, solid and dependable

-'Suitcase' Douvrin engine wasn't well-liked, noisy drivetrain, rust on early models, lacked the charisma of early supermini rivals such as the Renault 5 and Fiat 127

The Peugeot 104 was an early supermini challenger that lacked a hatchback rear, which would have guaranteed it sales success from day one. The 1972 version was a four-door fastback saloon powered by the new Douvrin 'suitcase' engine that will always be remembered for being canted back in the engine bay, and with the transmission-in-sump BMC-style. It was an excellent and overlooked city car, neatly-styled by Pininfarina, with soft-riding long-travel suspension perfectly suited to rough roads.

In 1974, a three-door short-wheelbase Z Coupe version was introduced, forming the basis of the appealing 104 ZS. TIt wasn't until 1976 and the first major facelift that the 104 gained the hatchback its two-box body was crying out for. he ‘Douvrin’ engine that powered the 104 was shared with Renault and Citroën, and its underpinnings went on to find fame in the Citroën Visa, Talbot Samba and – with modifications – the Peugeot 205. It’s a thinking person’s supermini that’s rare, but affordable.