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Peerless/Warwick Reviews

Peerless was formed in 1957 when the Slough-based garage with that name was bought by Warwickshire hotelier James Byrnes so he could build a Triumph TR3-based GT car. The car was originally being built in London by John Gordon to designs by Bernard Rodger – and Peerless's premises were considered perfect for assembling it.

Sadly, the project stubbornly refused to take off, and Rodger transferred production Wraysbury, Berkshire – and it was here that 20-50 cars were assembled under the new Warwick name. The project ended in 1962, after 325 cars were built. A typical English 'nearly-car-manufacturer'.

Good: Good looking sports car with many of the ingredients needed for success
Bad: Underdeveloped and passed from pillar to post - no wonder it failed