Opel Olympia (1967 – 1970) Review

Opel Olympia (1967 – 1970) At A Glance


+Like a Kadett B but more luxurious

-You might wonder, now, what the point actually was

The Opel Olympia was an attempt by its maker to extend the appeal (and profitability) of the Kadett range. And effectively what you have here is a luxury version of the Kadett, with changes to its trim and brightwork, as well as equipment levels. As before, Opel used a legacy name, recalling the original Admirals, which were simplified versions of the Rekord. The Olympia A was launched in August 1967, and was sold in both saloon and coupé forms. 

As befitting its more middle-class status, the Olympia was powered by upgunned versions of the existing engine range - so that meant an entry-level 1.1-litre twin-carb 60bhp unit, as well as three cam-in-heads, spanning 64-90bhp. The Olympia was a short-lived model, and in many ways, a stop-gap for the Ascona, which would prove rather more effective vehicle for plugging the gap in the range between the small Kadett and much larger Rekord. Pretty much forgotten now, but still a sweet-driving classic car for those with a thing for Opels.