Opel Kadett Aero (1976 – 1978) Review

Opel Kadett Aero (1976 – 1978) At A Glance


+Open-topped motoring, sensible style

-Lacking in the charisma department

The Baur converted Opel Kadett Aero was launched at the 1976 Geneva motor show, and should have been a hit, given the dearth of affordable convertables available during the mid-'70s. However, succes eluded the Aero-Kadett, despite its clever convertible arrangement, which encompassed a targa roll bar, detachable roof insert and a separate convertible top, rather like the contemporary Lancia Beta Spider and Bristol 412.

The car's high price and cumbersome hood arrangement stunted sales, and customers continued to buy Volkswagen's agin Beetle. But it's rare now, and German fans love the Aero-Kadett, which was never sold in the UK - meaning values are high.