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Nissan Almera (1995 - 2000)

Last updated 20 June 2019

Often underrated but generally reliable.
Anodyne looks, slow diesels and penny-pinching spec on some 1.4 models. Body rot kills them off after around 8 years.
Updated 12 May 1995

Tough. Strong, chain-driven twin-cam engines. Decent handling, good to drive, good ride quality, good roadholding. 143 bhp GTi (launched 1996) was a good 'hot hatch'. Four-door saloon version has...

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Replacing the Sunny wasn’t an easy task, but Nissan was up to the job – nailing the brief of creating a dull but worthy family car with the Nissan Almera.

Power came from a choice of two petrols at launch, a 1.4- and 1.6-litre with a 2.0-litre GTI joining the range later. There was also a 2.0-litre diesel to tempt company car drivers.

Ambitiously sold as ‘the car they don’t want you to drive’, pretty much all UK Almeras were hatchbacks although you do see the odd saloon.

Our choice? Well, drivers could delete the bodykit on the 140bhp GTi…. we reckon that would be quite the thing.

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