Nissan Datsun 260Z (1974 – 1978) Review

Nissan Datsun 260Z (1974 – 1978) At A Glance


+More power and seating options than the 240Z

-Less all-round appeal than the original

The Datsun 260Z was launched in 1974 and seemingly answered all of the unmentioned criticisms of the 240Z. It had more power and equipment, and was a touch quicker; and yet the 260Z has always lived in the shadow of its older brother.

Two-seat models looked as good as the original, but the introduction of the 2+2 with 12-inch longer wheelbase and reprofiled roofline diluted appeal despite being a lot more useful, and a genuine rival for the more practical European competition, such as the Ford Capri. Because values are lower, they are excellent value in the current classic market. The 260Z sold less well than the first Z-car, and survival rate is shocking in the UK – mainly because like all ’70s Datsuns, it suffers from terrible corrosion.