Nissan 100NX (1992 – 1995) Review

Nissan 100NX (1992 – 1995) At A Glance


+Generally well built and reliable. You can remove the glass roof panels. Very cheap now.

-Not pretty, not practical and not rewarding to drive.

The Nissan 100NX is something of an underachiever. Based on a Sunny, it’s a tough and reliable car that won’t let you down. Examples are also few and far between, so the rarity factor is high. But somehow, support for the 100NX has never really gained a foothold.

Built to give the Mazda MX-3 a run for its money, the 100NX was powered by a 1.6-litre 16v 90bhp engine in the UK (other European markets got the 130bhp 2.0-litre). It was peppy and fun(ish) to drive, had lift-off targa roof panels, but was never given much support... even by its own company.

That’s right, Nissan was too busy pushing the 227bhp Sunny GTi-R to really give the 100NX much love. It was also launched at the same time as the Ford Puma and the Vauxhall Tigra. Consequently, there are a little over 500 left in the UK, with only half of those on the road.

Today, the 100NX is cheap to buy. True, they’re an interesting curiosity – but one in which you can enjoy the sun, stand out from the crowd, get 31mpg, and easily clock up 200,000 miles (if you keep on top of the servicing).