Monteverdi Sahara (1978 – 1980) Review

Monteverdi Sahara (1978 – 1980) At A Glance


+Good off-road, effortless V8 power

-Body engineering lacking in quality, styling nearly unaltered from its donor vehicle

It was hoped that initial slow sales of the handsome Monteverdi Safari would be countered by a second-string upscale SUV. The Sahara was just that car - it was cheaper than the Safari, but just like that car, was based upon the the International Harvester Scout.

The main difference between the Sahara and Safari - aside from the the latter's considerably lower list price - was that it used the bodywork of the Scout with minimal external changes. The new boutique model, was less appealing than the full-fat Monteverdi, and sold in smaller numbers as a consequence. Shame, as it was just as capable when the going got tough.