Midas Gold (1985 – 1989) Review

Midas Gold (1985 – 1989) At A Glance


+Nice development of the Bronze, using Metro running gear, and featuring updated styling

-Sadly just as hard to find as the Bronze

In 1985, the Midas was updated to incorporate Austin or MG Metro components - this included the improved brakes and MG Metro-spec engine, which endowed the Gold with a superb power-to-weight ratio, and excellent performance. It was claimed to be an all-new design (bar the original Midas’ doors) - and the main improvements in this area were its flat underfloor and improved visibility for the driver. Metro running gear brought an increased track, for improved stability. Brakes were also improved thanks to the Metro's four-pot calipers.

The interior was also improved - the Metro's instrument cluster, ventilation equipment and switchgear along with soft-feel were fitted. Gordon Murray once again provided input to improve the aerodynamics. In order to sell complete cars as well as kits a Midas successfully passed an ECE12 crash test. A convertible version was added to the range in 1989, but following the factory fire in March 1989, a mere 15 of those were built by the original Midas company. However, production continued through four further companies and the number of convertibles sold is probably closer to 200.