MG Y-type (1947 – 1953) Review

MG Y-type (1947 – 1953) At A Glance

+Dignified pre-war style, plenty of tuning potential

-Slow in standard guise

The MG Y-type was an important stepping stone in MG's history, as it bridged the gap between pre- and post-war, essentially being an update of the pre-war VA. Consequently, the Y-type had plenty of pre-war character, even if it it lacked the genuine performance one associated with the MG saloon line of this era.

But the Y-type proved to be a suitable counterpart to the ever-popular T-type roadsters, which also had their roots firmly planted in the pre-war era. It was powered by a single-carburettor version of the MG XPAG engine was used in the TC (rated at 46bhp at 4800rpm) – and was shared with its open-toppped cousins. And that, of course, opened up plenty of tuning opportunities.

The Y-type did sport a new independent front suspension set-up, with rack-and-pinion steering and bolt-on disc wheels - so it drove more sharply than its modest power implied. 

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