Lotus Elan Plus Two (1969 – 1974) Review

Lotus Elan Plus Two (1969 – 1974) At A Glance


+Twin Cam is an absolute gem, larger, but still brilliant to drive

-Do you really need to carry three passengers in your Elan?

The Elan Plus Two was a further move upmarket for Colin Chapman's Lotus. It was a step further away from the racetrack, and despite being lengthened considerably, all of the sweet-driving finesse of the original Elan remained intact. But it was also just as pretty as the two-seater car.

By stretching the Elan’s chassis by a foot and widening the track, child-sized rear seats could be accommodated. This was also the first Lotus not to be sold in kit form, which at least evens out build quality; the 118bhp twin-cam engine tune helped with the additional weight, and this was raised to 126bhp from 1970 for the Plus 2S/130 is identifiable by its silver metalflake roof. Better quality trim is a feature, and from 1972 the 130-5 came with a five-speed gearbox.

What does a Lotus Elan Plus Two (1969 – 1974) cost?