Lea Francis 14HP Sports (1947 – 1954) Review

Lea Francis 14HP Sports (1947 – 1954) At A Glance


+Open, honest sports car with the added bonus of four seats

-One for aficionados only

The Lea Francis 14HP or 2.5-litre Sports was a classic English sports car powered by the saloon’s 1.8-litre engine. The Lea Francis 14 Saloon might not have been the most promising of starts, but the open-topped car emerged as enjoyable and honest for keen drivers.

It closely following the established template that proved so popular in export markets. The engine itself was intriguing because it aped Riley’s pre-war design, and delivered enough power for a top speed of 85mph. Later models gained independent front suspension, and proved to be excellent handling cars, while the 2.5-litre Sports that followed in 1950 added extra power into the mix, becoming a genuine 100mph four-seater sports car in the process.