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Jensen Interceptor (1966 - 1976)

Last updated 27 November 2014


Buying Guide


  • All Interceptors were hand built and use extensive lead loading – so what looks like a simple repair can be expensive.
  • Check the sills for rust, make sure you look behind the stainless steel sill covers.
  • Inspect the drainage holes are clear of debris – if they’re blocked the sills will be in trouble.
  • Passenger footwell boxes can rust, especially along the leading edge.
  • It’s not uncommon for the front screen to leak – they didn’t always fit very well.
  • That said, you should make sure there is no corrosion around the screen.
  • This can lead to rust in the footwells.
  • Other rot spots include: rear wheelarches, fuel filler flap, front wheelarches and door bottoms.
  • Bonnet and wings can suffer from heat crazing caused by under-bonnet heat.
  • Re-chroming is very expensive so make sure the front and rear bumpers are in good condition.

Engine & Gearbox

  • Mk1, Mk2 and early Mk3 cars got the 6.3-litre Chrysler engine.
  • The Mk4 used Chryslers 5.9-litre.
  • Both units are strong and reliable, although an early Mk3 with the 6.3 is the car to have.
  • Manifold gaskets at the cylinder heads can be a weak point. If they need replacing, you’ll also need to get the heads skimmed.
  • Although these cars are designed for long runs at high operating temperatures, they often struggle to remain cool, especially in traffic.
  • Many owners fit aftermarket electric fans, but make sure this isn’t hiding bigger problems.
  • Oil pressure should be 60PSI at speed or 25PSI at idle.
  • Check all hoses and pipes for signs of wear and leaks.
  • Torqueflite gearbox is strong and smooth – few cars have a manual change.
  • A small leak isn’t uncommon, nor is it fatal… as long as you keep the fluids topped up.
  • A clunky (ie not smooth) change hints at a worn gearbox.
  • Rear axles are prone to leaks, but if fluid loss is excessive there is a bigger problem.
  • Differential seals are ‘U’ shaped and difficult to fit, so check for leaks here.

Interior & trim

  • If the car is fitted with a walnut dashboard, make sure it isn’t delaminated as it can be pricey to fix.
  • Leather seats are hard-wearing but if they need retrimming it won’t be cheap.
  • Speedo cables tend to wear, so listen out for a dull humming.
  • GKN alloys are cool, but tend can go out of shape if they become porous. Correct profile tyres can be expensive but alternatives are available.
  • Check the fit and condition of the exhaust as it isn’t uncommon for small areas to leak.
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