Iso Lele (1969 – 1974) Review

Iso Lele (1969 – 1974) At A Glance


+Less-than-obvious Italian supercar, with pace, power and excellent roadholding, lots of presence at current values

-Styling is a bit challenging

The Iso Lele was another of those 1960s supercars spun out of an existing platform by its maker, which was keen to maximise sales. The 2+2 body was styled by Bertone (like the Grifo), and looked a much more modern product than the Rivolta. It was intended to replace that car - although the two were brieflly sold side-by-side.

Unlike the original car the Lele failed to impress buyers who were turned off by the clumsy-looking Gandini-styled coupé. Given that the 1973 oil crisis killed supercar sales stone dead, struggling Iso didn’t have enough resources in hand to ride the economic storm – with the inevitable disappearing from view in 1974. The last few Leles were powered by a Ford V8 and offered with automatic transmission.

What does a Iso Lele (1969 – 1974) cost?