Iso Grifo (1963 – 1974) Review

Iso Grifo (1963 – 1974) At A Glance


+Great looks, ample performance - towering in 7.0-litre form, top drawer handling

-1960s Italian build quality and lack of resistance to corrosion

The Iso Grifo was another Italian-American supercar, cast in the mould of the Bizzarrini Strada - all Italian engineering and Bertone styling combined with ample American power. It was an appealing supercar addition that that made good of its 300bhp Corvette V8. Considered very much a rich playboy’s supercar, the Grifo had the handling and poise to cut it against Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini’s finest, and a maximum speed of more than 160mph. Survival rate is high, although unrestored examples are now rare.

In 1969, the Grifo redeived a shot in the arm when it received a 7.0-litre (427cu in) engine developing 390bhp for Daytona/Miura-matching acceleration and maximum speed. By 1968 supercar standards this was serious stuff and pushed Iso to the head of the pack. Top speed was a claimed 170mph and 0-60mph was around six seconds – quick even by today’s standards. However, the Grifo didn't suprive the early 1970s, when Iso went out of business.