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Hindustan Ambassador (1957 - )

Last updated 9 January 2014


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  • Basically an Indian built 1957 Morris Oxford with a catalysed 1.8 litre Isuzu engine. Heavy and cumbersome, but interesting to lovers of nostalgia.
  • Some were used as mini cabs in London and share driving characteristics with the FX4 taxi.
  • The car in the Peugeot commercial that a young Indian and his elephant panel bash into the shape of a 206 to improve his street cred.


  • Became a nightmare for the original importer, Fullbore Motors of Fulham and ultimately sent the firm into liquidation.
  • What started as a good idea became entangled in European Type Approval and emissions regulations.
  • This meant the change of engine from the old, Indian built 1,500cc 'B' Series pushrod engine to the Isuzu, the price escalated from £6,000 to £10,000, then, because the cars had to be virtually re-built before they could be sold in the UK, the price rose to around £12,000 at which there were very few takers.


  • Will rust quite badly due to the poor quality of the welding and the steel.


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