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Gordon-Keeble Reviews

John Gordon, the man responsible for the Peerless GT) and Jim Keeble teamed up to create a new English sports car. They used a beautiful glassfibre Giugiaro-styled 2+2 body and combined it with the Corvette V8 engine to produce a 135mph super-coupé known as the Gordon-Keeble GK1.

But buyers were hard to find and the money ran out in 1965 after just 90 had been built. The company was bought by Geoffrey West and Harold Smith, who built a further nine before giving up the dream the following year. An amazing 81% of the Gordon-Keebles produced have survived thanks to enthusiasts and a few more are awaiting restoration.

Good: Gorgeous styling, fast and powerful, a proper Anglo-Italian GT car
Bad: Try finding one...