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Ginetta Reviews

Ginetta was formed by four brothers, Bob, Ivor, Trevor and Douglas Walklett. They built their first Ginetta in 1958, and provided vehicles for both competition and road use. All Ginettas had glass fibre bodies and steel frames, until the going got tough in the mid-1970s, after which they kept going by refurbishing existing Ginettas, and eventually reintroducing the popular G4 in 1981.

After the Walkletts retired in 1989, Ginetta was sold to a Sheffield consortium and production moved north, where
the new G20 and G32 were launched. In 2005 the company was acquired by LNT Automotive and production  moved to Leeds. The company continues to build a range sports cars - the G40 being its biggest seller.

Good: Fast, agile, responsive and a great club racer
Bad: Like all kit cars, the quality is down to the owner